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Commemorative Horn Crafted for the NMLRA
Architecture by Frank Willis, Scrimshaw by Joe Becker

Frank Willis

Custom Horns and Bags
by Frank Willis
Frank Willis is an award winning artisan who has been reproducing powder horns and bags in the manner of a professional craftsman of the 18th and 19th century for over twenty-five years. He has extensively researched materials and techniques of early craftsmen and faithfully employs them in creating his reproductions. All items are completely hand made using the finest materials and always sympathetic to historical design and provenance.
All horns are hand worked and polished and can be engraved or plain with turned hardwood plugs and stoppers. Frank can design a historic reproduction for you or incorporate a design of your choosing. A hand crafted powder horn is a perfect accessory to a period design home. An engraved powder horn can be an enduring commemoration of a major life event or accomplishment. Which ever you choose be assured that your horn will be a unique heirloom to be passed on to future generations just as many of the originals were.
Frank's bags are all made of the finest vegetable tanned leather. They are all hand stitched with waxed linen thread and where ever possible Frank uses hand cast metal buckles and buttons. All designs are accurate reproductions of documented period pieces. They are produced in the manner of a professional leather worker. Many of his designs have been obtained from museum collections and privately owned originals. A reproduction bag is the perfect compliment to a Willis horn.

Beaver Tail Hair-On Bag

A Willis reproduction is always executed with exacting attention to detail. This beaver tail hair-on flap bag is a perfect copy of the original. You can truly own a piece of history when you own a Frank Willis bag.